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Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Direct from the Refurbishing Manufacturer

Ever wonder where refurbished items come from? There could be store returns with minor defects or major electronic repairs that are too expensive.

The manufacturers don't have the time or research to fix the little defects, so they send it to us where we do all the repairs. Typically, we sell it back to the brand name and they sell it as refurbished items.

With OnlineDS, you won't have to go through the middle man.

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Of the many ways to go broke one of the most pleasant and least likely to damage your health is buying new electronic devices when they first come on the market. However, much like buying a brand new car the newness wears off quickly and you are left with an item for which you paid too much money. New electronic toys lose their top of the line status with incredible speed. There is a solution to going bankrupt buying electronic gadgets; buy refurbished electronics online for a fraction of the price of new.


The refurbishing is the key to saving on discount electronics; any item you buy from OnlineDS.com has been restored to tip-top condition. Basically, what you are purchasing is the equivalent of a new item at a used price. Saving up for new electronics can be like a dog chasing its tail you never win! You save and save but the item you are saving for is no longer new. The new, new item costs more than you have saved, so you save some more. Stop running in circles and buy refurbished electronics online.

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Allow those who feel they must have the very latest model; spend their money while you enjoy what they will have in a few months, an electronic device that is not brand new. The difference is you will only pay a small portion of what they paid and you will be aware of any problems to which the device is prone. You will know what you are getting into with your purchase while they were blissfully ignorant when they paid their money. Discount refurbished electronics are not worn out rejects but are simply rebuilt